Capri pearl heart body chain


Capri body chain made of coloured mother-of-pearl hearts is a stunning and elegant accessory that combines the natural beauty of mother-of-pearl with a stylish and contemporary design. Each heart-shaped piece is meticulously crafted from mother-of-pearl, showcasing its mesmerizing iridescence and intricate patterns.

The body chain features a series of these delicate mother-of-pearl hearts linked together to form a chain that gracefully drapes over the body, enhancing its curves and adding a touch of glamour. The soft, opalescent hues of the mother-of-pearl hearts create a subtle yet captivating shimmer against the skin, evoking a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication.

This type of body chain can be worn in various ways to complement different styles and occasions. Whether layered over clothing for a bohemian-inspired look or worn directly on the skin for a more sensual and intimate aesthetic, a body chain made of mother-of-pearl hearts adds a touch of ethereal beauty and refinement to any outfit. Perfect for special occasions, formal events, or simply as a statement piece to elevate everyday attire, this accessory exudes understated luxury and charm.



About Capri mother of pear heart body chain:

100% colored mother-of-pearl stones

100% stainless steel components

2 sizes available


Upper chains 35cm each

Lower chains 46cm each

Full length 82cm


Upper chains 40cm each

Lower chains 62cm each

Full length 101cm


Care details:

Do not wash

Minimise exposure to moisture, oils, perfumes & water

Clean with a soft cloth

Remove before showering, swimming or exercising 

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