Chapter Three – Mother Earth

Earth is the mother of all things, and right now, we’re all in her bad books…
At Seven Stories, we’re in the fashion industry, which contributes to around 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. That’s more than the shipping and aviation industries combined! We don’t want the story to end here, and in fact, we view the current climate crisis as a blank page on which to write a more positive history.

As a new fashion brand, we’re conscious of rejecting the traditionally harmful and wasteful habits of the past and we believe that sustainable fashion can still be chic, so we’ve made it our mission to explore this new field.


How are we doing this right now?

  • Much of our stock is hand-tailored, and due to the nature of our production, we only produce limited quantities of stock. This is our interpretation of the “slow-fashion” movement, helping to reduce waste and excess and encourage considered buying.
  • Our packaging is completely biodegradable so that it can be broken down by living organisms.
  • Our leather is a by-product from factories, meaning that it is an incidental product made from the manufacturing of other things. We’re looking for the perfect leather alternative to use in the future, and if you have any suggestions to make, please do not hesitate to contact us!

That’s it for now but stay tuned for future updates on our sustainable practices.
See you in the next chapter!

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