Chapter Six – Dominika Prausová

Get To Know The Brains Behind Seven Stories

Our brand Seven Stories London has always been the point of focus in all our previous blogs whether it is product styling, inspiration, or production but this time our focus is on the-once- camera-shy Dominika Prausová- our hands-on founder.

Dominika possesses all the qualities you need to run a startup: strong-willed, hardworking, and passionate, etc. But who is she exactly? Let’s discover, shall we?

First things first, she doesn’t like to refer to herself as a designer. She prefers “creator”, “inventor” or even “entrepreneur”.
Dominika is driven by the freedom that comes with her work. The freedom to conjure up her wildest dreams in terms of both her creativity and the way she lives her life.
“Who is Dominika Prausová?” We ask Dominika or Domi (as she is known by friends and family).

Chapter 6- Dominika Prausová

“A perfect personification of a Gemini.” She answers laughing. Domi describes herself as sociable, playful, and curious and we can second that. “I love to stay busy. Especially, if it means being involved in activities I can do with family, friends, loved ones, or get the opportunity to meet someone new from different walks of life.”
Dominika is more of a glass-half-full personality, who prefers and tries her best to deal with the daily issues positively, “The things that make me laugh are actual dayto- day life situations I tend to fall into without any prior intention of doing so. Where even if the unexpected tends to happen I brush it off with a laugh and a giggle. Of course, these things upset and unease me but, I like to move on and look at the bright side of things, rather than complaining. What’s the use of complaining?”

When asked what her personality, strengths, and weakness are, Dominika replied she is an extroverted-introvert. “I sometimes spend 20 hours creating and working with a montage of people, and then other days, I just like to hang around the couch and TV at home.”

She goes on to say, “My greatest strength is my creative mind. I believe if I can imagine or dream it, I can make it become a reality. I feel like there is no limit in terms of what one person can reach. This belief applies to both my professional as well as personal life.” Dominika jokingly continues, “In terms of my weaknesses, I am very forgetful and passionately short-tempered. Sometimes, when I am emotional my hot-headedness may get the better of me!”

Slovakian-born Dominika was always a lover of fashion and travel. By combining both, she found her niche in life. “I enjoy visiting different countries and getting inspired by my travels in general. I feel I can be home everywhere and wherever I go.”

In 2018, Dominika took a trip to India, needing to start a new chapter in her life after experiencing heartbreaking loss. There she was inspired by the new land she saw, the new people she met, the mix of new cultures she experienced, and the deep colours, authentic woven textiles that resonated within them.

“My main inspiration is travel and lately also functionality. It’s great to come up with beautiful products, but to come up with beautiful and functional products is on a completely new level, and that’s why I created Seven Stories.”

That’s all we had time for before Dominika had to run off to do a photoshoot for her next collection.

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