Chapter One – Home Girls

Welcome to the first chapter of the Seven Stories’ journal!

You might be reading this from home or afar, but wherever you are, whoever you are, this chapter is about you.

In 2019, our founder started to experiment with fashion design, and this resulted in her first harness creations! During her process of designing, she was inspired by the people in her life who raised her up, who gave her strength, who made her believe in herself and who brought joy into her life. In these people, Dominika felt at home.

The Home Girls collection you see today has evolved into what we feel truly reflects and pays homage to those who inspired it, and we hope you can feel their spirit when you wear it. Whether you’re a Lena, Noah, Keity, Becca, Eli, Sneha or Charlie, let your personality shine through and wear your truth with pride!


We want to say, that while the collection is named Home Girls, we see this as an expression of those we hold dear, and our designs do not discriminate against any gender. Whoever you are, wherever you are, this chapter, this brand, this story, it’s about you!

Make it your own and tell your story the way you want it to go.
See you in the next chapter!

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