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Seven Stories


The story of founder Dominika Prausova and her sister and right-hand woman Zuzanna begins in Slovakia. Growing up, the girls were always interested in fashion and were inspired by the melting pot of styles they saw in their home country, the growing sensation of festival culture, and modern European high fashion.

Skip forward to 2018, and Seven Stories begins with a trip to India. Dominika needed to write a new chapter in her life after experiencing a heartbreaking loss, so she flew halfway across the world to discover a new land, a new culture, and new people.

Inspired by the colourful, woven textiles she came across in India, Dominika began working on her first designs. Her original creations were influenced by the people and places in Dominika’s life and the experiences they shared together, and so the Home Girls collection was born, and it’s namesakes are Dominika’s best friends who she credits for encouraging her to keep creating, and found what is today, Seven Stories.

With a colourful background, Seven Stories is for everyone; for day and night, for sun or snow, for wherever you go. It’s about all of our stories intertwining, interweaving, and make-believing.

Customize it, make it to order or wear it as is, it’s unique to you – your story, our story, Seven Stories.

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